Corporate Social Responsibility

Amboseli is generally a very dry area and with the looming drought, many families among this pastoralist community are generally forced to go without food during the dry period. Every year Ol Tukai Lodge through Amrit Foundation and Premchandbhai foundation run food distribution programs with the aim of alleviating hunger and malnutrition among the communities. We target mainly the school going children and the women. Every year, we support about 2000 people by distributing items such as maize meal, beans, rice, cooking oil and food supplements for malnourished children.


Amboseli region is among the drought affected area. The region has endured three severe droughts in the last two years. The current drought has been the most severe and longest with widespread livelihood loses and massive displacement of populations. This has led to high levels of food insecurity.

The increasing intensity and the shorter cycles between droughts are amplifying the vulnerability of the communities and their ability to cope. The rain season is already there and will take time before they start enjoying the benefit. Risa community members have constantly been visiting Ol Tukai lodge management asking for food rations. It is with this reason in consultation with Premchandbhai Foundation that 200 food packages were donated to community members. Each package was given to two households. One household has approximately five family members meaning the 400 households received the package. This will go away in assisting over 1500 family members.


Health care is conventionally regarded as an important determinant in promoting the general physical and mental health and well-being of people around the world. Since 2015 Ol Tukai has partnered with Divinity Foundation in undertaking four major medical camps in a year in which close to 4000 people within Amboseli ecosystem are treated every year. Services offered during these medical camps include diabetes and cancer screening, dental and eye check-up, family planning, VCT services, well baby clinics, de-worming and general check-ups in addition to talks on sanitation and hygiene.

  • medical camps play a vital role in our society by providing essential healthcare services to underserved communities, particularly those in remote or marginalized areas. They provide access to basic and specialized medical services, raise awareness about health issues, and can help prevent the spread of disease. Medical camps are a valuable tool in addressing health inequalities and improving the overall health of our society.
  • Ol Tukai lodge in conjunction with Divinity foundation carried out two medical camps. Most of the patients presented with Respiratory related issues, eye problems, ear problems, skin issues and gastrointestinal related issues. They were all treated and others referred for specialized health care. Divinity Foundation had 24 doctors


1. Sustainability Plan 2023:

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, reforestation stands out as a powerful solution that offers numerous benefits. By planting trees in areas that have been deforested or devoid of forests, we can unlock a range of positive effects. From combating climate change to fostering biodiversity, reforestation holds the key to a healthier planet and thriving communities.

Forest cover in Kenya is at 8.8% and the government is aiming at 10% and above.

As a result of this Ol Tukai lodge started tree planting project with various stake holders such as KWS and in-house guests. A total of 16000 seedlings have been planted so far with more than 14500 still viable.


A well-nourished, healthy and educated population is the foundation for growth and economic development. Thus, investing in children’s nutrition, health and education during middle childhood, and sustaining this into adolescence, will help children to reach their full potential, become productive adults and break the intergenerational cycle of malnutrition. The consequences of poor nutrition in middle childhood include an impaired immune system, increased morbidity and impaired cognition, all of which compromise educational performance and may result in absenteeism and grade repetition or drop-outs.

Ol tukai lodge partnered with Zero hunger with Niksham Langar to make this program successful. Since January 2023,a total of over 1124 pupils benefits daily from this project with a monthly consumption of 944kg of ujimix. The schools are Enkong Narok primary school, Risa primary school, Meshinani primary and Amboseli primary school.

This has greatly increased overall school performance by reducing to almost zero percent absenteeism cases in school.


The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education has been widely advocated as much needed 21st-century skills by governments and policymakers. The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), No. 9 recognises the need to develop knowledge societies where everyone has opportunities to learn and engage with others. It also highlights the need for investing in ICTs. The world is moving rapidly into digital media and information; and the role of ICTs in education and training is becoming more significant.

The start of Competence Best Curriculum (CBC) in Kenya has led to mandatory computer training for junior secondary school students. School based assessment is even done after teaching. It is as a result of this that the headteacher of Enkong Narok primary school wrote a letter to Amrit Foundation on 17th of July 2023 requesting for donation of five desktops. The Foundation accede to this request and donated five desktops to the school. Amrit foundation team members handed over five desktops and installed them at the designated ICT laboratory of the school on 16th October 2023


It can seem daunting or even off-putting for an institution for children to have a visual security defence resembling a locked facility. But with the dangers to children and learning facilities reported worldwide, it is more important than ever to safeguard children. A high fence and locked gate provide a visual deterrent, so it’s clear that accessing the children is not as simple as walking onto the playground. Parents have peace of mind that their children are safe when out of their presence. It also offers a level of comfort for staff, knowing that their jobs are made easier when the safety of many children is in their hands.


This was an initiative carried out on 11th September by Giants Group of Nairobi Twiga and Shree Vanik Vaishnav Mahajan in conjunction with Ol Tukai lodge.

A total of 2,460 blankets were donated to pupils from eight different schools within Amboseli ecosystem. Those who benefited with blankets were pupils from Grade 2 to Grade 8 and staffs working in those schools.


For many Maasai girls, education is the key to escaping the oppressive practices of forced early marriage and female genital mutilation. Through Amrit foundation Ol Tukai lodge has over the years paid school fees for secondary education for underprivileged members of the society more so girl child. One of the key pillars of AMRIT foundation is education. Amrit Foundation Trust has developed grassroot initiatives that provide better education particularly focusing on under-privileged children and the youth in various communities in Kenya


Amboseli region is among the drought affected area. The region has endured three severe droughts in the last two years. The current drought has been the most severe and longest with widespread livelihood loses and massive displacement of populations. This has led to high levels of food insecurity. The region did not receive enough rainfall<\p>

Esiteti village members together with Lenkism children center under diocese of Kajiado have constantly been requesting Ol Tukai lodge management for food rations. The home caters for over 100 destitute children some of which are orphans. A total of 119 food packages were donated.30 packages were given to Lenkism children center while 89 to Esiteti of which each package was shared between two community members.