Corporate Social Responsibility

The lodge is affiliated with Amrit Foundation  which sponsors Corporate Social Responsibilities to several communities in Amboseli and Naivasha.


1. Enkong'u Narok Primary school.

Situated on the southern borders of Kenya in the Kajiado District, at the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro this small primary school caters for the children of the local masai communities.

The foundation has built classrooms, dormitories and provide the school with books as well as donate sanitary towels, to the girls and clean drinking water to the community.

2. Ndabibi Primary School.

The School was developed and founded by the Amrit Foundation in conjunction with the local community. The Foundation provides clean drinking water for the school and to the local

community. In addition the Foundation supports environmental awareness programs in the area.

3. Ndabibi Secondary School.

The secondary school is a mixed day school. Once again a project funded by the Foundation in conjunction with the local community, the school is jointly funded by the CDF (Constituency Development Fund) and LATIF (Local Government).

4. Makindu Hospital

Makindu Hospital is the sole initiative of Harbans Singh, the founding trustee of the Amrit

Foundation. The Hospital is now the county’s most advanced and professionally managed medical hospital. The Foundation has partnered with various organizations including Lions Club International and Rotary International to operate health camps